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The dragon head rubber factory in Tieling City

    The dragon head rubber factory in Tieling City founded in 1988 ,has been committed to develop and seach the gas meter diaphragm ,regulating valve diaphragm , gas pressure regulator diaphragm ,fuel gas automobile evaporator diaphragm , special meter diaphragm .    Industrial valve diaphragm、carburetor diaphragm are also main products of our factory,there are aslo a variety of o-rings, profiled rings,all kinds of nitrile,silicone,fluorine rubber products.    Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of fiber-rubber diaphragm,thickness is (0.18MM—0.8MM),we can customize fiber-rubber diaphragm various thickness and bearing differents pressure,according to user 's technical requirements.Products are exported to foreign countries.    Company regards the quality of products as life, and constantly learn user's reasonable proposals , strive to improve the overall quality of enterprises,rely on advanced production technology , sophisticated testing equipment , reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service , our products have been recognized by the majority of users.


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  • The dragon head rubber factory in Tieling City
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